The innovation pace of the mobile world is setting the standard for vehicle infotainment and dashboard systems. Implementing smart, connected and easy-to-use features into a complex vehicle system including the possibility for fast upgrades poses a challenge for OEMs and suppliers. We have solutions, which help them focusing on their application.

With the rise of smart mobile devices, infotainment systems have become a major differentiating feature of modern vehicles. Consumers expect dashboard systems which not only inform them on the car’s functions by providing real-time data, but also offer the same high-profile features they are used from their smart phones and home entertainment systems.

We help you to master the complexity of your infotainment and dashboard system. We take full care of the system’s setup, so you can fully focus on the actual application – which can be high profile audio and web apps, but also sophisticated features for user interaction e.g. in specialized agricultural vehicles.

We support OEMs as well as suppliers of all sizes to complete their infotainment projects:

  • By setting up the system, so they can fully focus on the actual application.
  • By abstracting the vehicle infrastructure from the infotainment system, so they achieve another development cycle.
  • By implementing technologies to upgrade infotainment systems without interfering with other vehicle systems.
You will benefit from:
  • Our proven expertise in integrating different technologies and levels into one system.
  • Our software products including in-vehicle communication platforms integrated with Linux/Android technologies, software drivers for typical infotainment features and a safety & security concept for infotainment solutions.
  • Our experience in infotainment, amongst others deriving from our successfully completed projects like display and booster systems for leading European vehicle manufacturers.
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