Electric Powertrain

With fossil fuel being limited, the electric car is the future of mobility. We support system suppliers in leveraging their long-standing expertise on powertrains for combustion engines and companies from the energy/electrical industry in enhancing their automotive knowhow – to build the engine of the future.

Your company has a proven record in developing powertrain control systems for combustion engines – but needs a fast “upgrade” to take your hardware expertise to the field of software-centric electrical powertrain? Your company is an expert from the energy sector or electrical industry – but you need some guidance concerning automotive requirements to also succeed in designing engines for electric cars?

We can help you in getting your engine electrified!
We have got the tools, platforms and knowhow to speed up your development. We know how you can fulfill requirements when it comes to timing constraints (hard real-time) and reliability.

We have a supported several system suppliers while successfully installing multiple engine management systems, battery management system and gear shifter systems.

For your success in developing electric powertrains, we offer you

  • Standardized platforms, which guarantee for safety up to the highest ASIL requirements – while you fully focus on developing your application
  • Software solutions, which we adapt to meet your requirements for high performance and high reliability
  • A fast project start by providing you with a platform installed on your hardware, ready for you to start writing your application directly.

You will benefit from:

  • Our flexibility as we can fully adapt to your customer requirements and hardware solutions.
  • Our experience which will give you a kick start for your electric powertrain – resulting in a faster time to market for your new powertrain solution.

Would you like to know how we can support you?