For next-generation connected vehicles, developers in automotive have to bring together mobile connectivity and in-vehicle communication, which means merging telecommunication technologies with Automotive standards such as AUTOSAR. We offer you the platforms and the expertise to master your complex connectivity projects.

The car of the future is fully connected. But fusing in-vehicle communication with mobile communication requires complex systems solutions. By suppliers which are providing connectivity products and by new entrants in the automotive market which are establishing new services for connected vehicles. We are there to support you with our connectivity expertise, our COTS Embedded software components, which offer all required communication and security features, and state-of-the-art run time environments like Linux and AUTOSAR for connectivity applications to kick-start your connectivity development projects.

We are a leading provider of integrated mobile and in-vehicle communication embedded software platforms which are COTS (Commercial off the shelf). We tailor our platforms to fit your needs, scaling from cost efficient small footprint microcontrollers to modern advanced multicore System-on-Chip devices for any connectivity project. This also includes the implementation of next generation automotive standards tailored for systems solutions.

Our proven technology for connecting to in-vehicle communication infrastructure meets the requirements of OEMs in Europe, Asia and North America. In fact, it is already part of the volume production at a major European car manufacturer. We are one of the major contributors of next-generation automotive standards developed for System of system solutions. Together with OEMs we are participating in research and prototyping activities to build the car of the future.

Let’s start off together with your connectivity project!

You will benefit from our complete set of kick-start expert services, ranging from

  • Fast implementation of embedded software platforms on your hardware,
  • Complete embedded software configuration and integration of applications, and
  • Easy start with a set of customized pre-study and/or prototyping concepts.

As a result, you will be able to

  • Reduce your costs while using cost-efficient COTS embedded platforms,
  • Increase your system’s quality,
  • Without lock-in, as our solutions are based on open standards.
Would you like to know how we can get you “connected”?