• Electric Powertrain

    With fossil fuel being limited, the electric car is the future of mobility. We support system suppliers in leveraging their long-standing expertise on powertrains for combustion engines and companies from the energy/electrical industry in enhancing their automotive knowhow – to build the engine of the future.

  • Autonomous Drive ADAS/AD

    Developers in the field of ADAS/AD are facing a multitude of challenges, like high system complexity, high computational needs and demanding safety requirements. With our strong experience and our proven platforms and tools, we help them completing their ADAS/AD solutions for a fast and secure market launch.

  • Connectivity

    For next-generation connected vehicles, developers in automotive have to bring together mobile connectivity and in-vehicle communication, which means merging telecommunication technologies with Automotive standards such as AUTOSAR. We offer you the platforms and the expertise to master your complex connectivity projects.

  • Infotainment

    The innovation pace of the mobile world is setting the standard for vehicle infotainment and dashboard systems. Implementing smart, connected and easy-to-use features into a complex vehicle system including the possibility for fast upgrades poses a challenge for OEMs and suppliers. We have solutions, which help them focusing on their application.