For Integrators

The Integrator package offers a complete software integration tool to developers of embedded Autosar software solutions. It provides the means to integrate a set of components into a complete application and connect this to the embedded software platform.


The Arctic Studio for Integrators offers a complete software integration tool to developers of embedded software solutions in the automotive market. Together with the other packages – the package for Application Developers and the package for Platform Developers – Arctic Studio comprises an extensive development environment for embedded software development to electronic control units.

The Integrators package provides the means to integrate a set of components – each developed to together build up an application – create the embedded software run-time environment and connect this to the embedded software platform. All this is done complying to the renowned automotive standard Autosar.

By using the layered systems architecture defined by Autosar, efficiently enabled using Arctic Studio, the development of complex embedded software solutions can leverage on productivity and quality improvements as well as gain lean software development.

The Arctic Studio for Integrators supports all stages in the software integration process – from connecting components to each other, integrating OEM pre-set configurations, creating the software run-time environment for the application and connect it to the services provided by embedded software platform. The Arctic Studio for Integrators supports running the integration process step by step validating the result after each step. This enforce the ability to use software development distributed over many locations still having a close control of the process of creating a complete embedded software solution.


Arctic Studio for Integrators provides the means to integrate a set of components create the embedded software run-time environment and connect this to the embedded software platform:

  • Easy Autosar ECU Extract construction through specialized SYSD Language.
  • Autosar RTE Configuration.
  • Autosar RTE C-Code generation; Component Types, Commuincation Interfaces, Implementation types, SystemSignal communication, Calibration parameters, and more.

Based on the latest version of the renowned open Autosar standard:

  • Ensures compliance to Automotive vehicle manufacturers requirements and makes it future-proof.
  • Support COTS products approach enabling competition from many vendors – no lock in.
  • Leverage on the main objective for re-use, flexibility and cost efficiency.

Leverages on industry-acknowledged open platforms for efficient tools:

  • Built on the leading open development platform project Eclipse– supported by all leading major global software providers.
  • Eclipse providing a healthy vibrant ecosystem supported by numerous supplier of tools plugins for embedded software development.
  • Built on the Autosar Tool Platform Artop being an implementation of common base functionality for AUTOSAR development tools.
  • Supporting ARText being a framework for building textual modeling languages for AUTOSAR.

Easy access to downloads, license management and comprehensive support:

  • Easy installation from .zip files tailored for chosen microcontroller architecture.
  • Quick and easy upgrade to new versions directly from ARCCORE update site servers.
  • Full availability of all former versions of releases.
  • Extensive licensing scheme with unique model including access to a comprehensive license server from ARCCORE.
  • Practical, semi-floating license model ensures highest utilization and full control of usage.
  • Licensing scheme supporting both easy to get fully operational trail versions as well as full commercial versions.
  • A comprehensive set of support offerings ranging from On-line helpdesk and off-site product specialist to a complete team of embedded specialists on-site.

Outstanding cost-efficiency through customer tailored license pool:

  • Quick and easy check out and check in of user’s license key.
  • Full overview of available license keys and who use which key.
  • Customer administration of users – creating new users and password and deleting users.
  • Full administration of users access rights – enabled or disabled.


Arctic Studio for Integrators is developed upon the award-winning Eclipse platform:

  • Developed under software development processes in accordance with Automotive Spice (assessed) level 3.
  • Tailor made Eclipse distribution based on the Eclipse standard releases.
  • Currently supported under major Windows versions
  • Integrated version control system with support for GIT and CVS.
  • Complete development environment for editing C-code
  • Build system based on GNU make with compiler integrations
  • Distributed with Command line tools based on MingW/Msys

The Arctic Studio for Integrators is available for different micro-controller architectures, today the following architectures are supported (more to be added upon customer requests):

  • PowerPC architectures with compiler support for GCC, CodeWarrior, Diab, Greenhills
  • ARM (Cortex) architectures with compiler support GCC

The methodology and technology of Autosar is fully supported:

  • Full access to Autosar arxml file through the Artop open source project.
  • Wizards for creating Autosar projects and Autosar files.
  • Full support for handling configurations split over multiple files.
  • Supports Autosar standard version 4.0.2, 4.0.3, 4.1.1 and 4.1.2.
  • Powerful Autosar model navigation using Autosar Navigator.

Easy Autosar ECU Extract construction through System Language;

  • Root composition construction.
  • Implementation mappings.
  • Create signals, pdus and mappings.
  • SystemSignal mapping to ports on root compositon.

RTE Configuration

  • Map runnabels in execution order to OSTasks
  • Connect RTE Events to OS Events.
  • Handle Exclusive areas and system partitioning.

RTE C-Code generator supporting for example;

  • Component Types: Application Components, Service Components, Sensor/Actuator Components.
  • Communication Interfaces: SenderReceiver, ClientServer, ModePorts, ParameterInterfaces
  • Implementation types: Integer, Boolean, Float, Record, Enum, Array
  • SystemSignal communication through COM
  • Calibration parameters
  • Requirement tracing to Autosar RTE requirements in source code. Generates well-formated Misra compatible source code.

File formats

  • Full support for Autosar arxml files
  • Support of Software Component Description files in Artext format
  • Create A2L-files from tags in source code that can later be used in calibration tools.