Arctic Studio – the development tools

The Arctic Studio tool chain provides a complete embedded software development environment for automotive embedded software based on the open industry-leading standard Autosar. The tool chain supports all stages in a development project and provides tools for different types of tasks; application development, embedded platform development and system integration.

  • For Application Developers

    The Application Developers package provides an application development environment enabling a structured way of developing applications through a component-based approach and brings a modern approach of ensuring software integrity and quality.

  • For Integrators

    The Integrator package offers a complete software integration tool to developers of embedded Autosar software solutions. It provides the means to integrate a set of components into a complete application and connect this to the embedded software platform.

  • For Platform Developers

    The Platform Developer package provides an extensive tool for configuring each of the embedded software modules in an Autosar Basic Software stack, generate a complete configuration and create an embedded software platform based on the Autosar version 4.x standard.

  • Arctic Studio for AUTOSAR v3.1

    The Arctic Studio for Autosar 3.1 provides a complete tool chain for efficient software development of Electronic Control Units based on the Autosar 3.1 standard. The Arctic Studio for Autosar 3.1 includes an Eclipsed based embedded development tool platform together with a set of commercial plug-ins making Autosar development quick and easy.