Arccore offers a complete portfolio of products that adds a direct value in terms of reduced initial development costs. It also creates even higher values long term:

  • Component-based development based on a proven methodology and renowned tools chain increases productivity.
  • Leveraging on standardized products supporting model-based development improves quality and makes complexity manageable.
  • Full access to embedded source code and a tools chain built on industry-leading open source projects enabling transparency and flexibility.
  • Supports lean software development based on re-use of software and a tools chain that enables distributed development in global teams.
  • Standard package

    The Arctic Core Standard Package includes a full set of features required in a Automotive Electronic Control Unit including communication services, diagnostic services, safety services and a real-time operating system.

  • MCAL package

    The Arctic Core MCAL Package provides a complete set of software components that enable access to the micro-controller peripherals of the Automotive Electronic Control Unit – such as the communication ports and the control ports for input/output.

  • Arctic Core for Autosar v3.1

    Arctic Core contains a complete embedded software platform based on the global automotive standard AUTOSAR version 3.1. Included in the Arctic Core platform are a realtime operating system, communication services supporting automotive communcations standards as CAN, LIN and more, memory services and drivers for a number of different microcontroller devices.