Arctic Bootloader - Embedded Software Utilities

Arctic Bootloader offers an embedded startup software facilitating a strictly controlled change of which set of ECU software to run on the ECU. Using a bootloader enables download of new software images and a controlled startup of the new image. The Arctic Bootloader offers both a Primary/Secondary or Flash bootloader strategy.


The Arctic Bootloader is a small startup-program that executes when the CPU has just started from a reset. It’s main tasks are to check the checksum of the main software and – when found corrrect – start the application. If no main software is present or if the main software has requested a software download, the bootloader transfers application code from an external source to internal memory.

The bootloader can also provide a basic set of diagnostics serivces, like reply to external request for Hardware or Software ID.

The Arctic Bootloader is built in two different versions:

  • Primary Bootloader (PBL) + Secondary Bootloader (SBL). In a PBL+SBL solution the PBL downloads the SBL to RAM via the external source. The SBL then downloads and flashes the application.
  • Flash Bootloader(FBL). The flash bootloader (FLB) is actually a PBL+SBL. This means that the FBL will have a larger ROM footprint but will not have to download the SBL, since it’s already there. When the bootloader recieves a routineControl, the entire SBL is copied from ROM to RAM.

Arctic bootloader is delivered as source code and can be tailor-made by the user to fit his needs.


  • Primary/Secondary bootloader
  • Flash bootloader
  • ISO15765 Can Transport Protocol
  • ISO14229 services
  • Small footprint
  • Watchdog support