ARCCORE offers a complete portfolio of products that adds a direct value in terms of reduced initial development costs. It also creates even higher values long term:

  • Component based AUTOSAR tools based on a proven methodology and renowned system development tools chain increases productivity.
  • Leveraging on standardized products supporting model-based development improves quality and makes complexity manageable.
  • Full access to embedded source code and a tools chain built on industry-leading open source projects enabling transparency and flexibility.
  • Supports agile software development based on re-use of software and a tools chain that enables distributed development in global teams.
  • Arctic Core - the Embedded Platform

    The Arctic Core embedded platform includes a complete set of features needed when building an Electronic Control Unit for the automotive market. The Arctic Core embedded platform is based on the open industry standard Autosar and is provided in source code for full flexibility and transparency.

  • Arctic Studio - Development Tools

    The Arctic Studio tool chain provides a complete embedded software development environment for automotive embedded software based on the open industry-leading standard AUTOSAR. The tool chain supports all stages in a development project and provides tools for different types of tasks; application development, embedded platform development and system integration.

  • Arctic Bootloader - Embedded Software Utilities

    Arctic Bootloader offers an embedded startup software facilitating a strictly controlled change of which set of ECU software to run on the ECU. Using a bootloader enables download of new software images and a controlled startup of the new image. The Arctic Bootloader offers both a Primary/Secondary or Flash bootloader strategy.