Release Out Now: Arctic Core & Arctic Studio 19.0

Recently, ARCCORE has released a new version of its automotive software development kit, which includes the embedded platform Arctic Core and the development tool Arctic Studio. Version 19.0 provides extended support and enhanced features, e.g. with several new drivers in the MPC MCAL and support for Linux GUI.

Arctic Core

The latest release of Arctic Core comes with several new drivers for MPC5777c (GPT, WDG, ADC, PWM, SPI, ETH) and a partial networking extension for FrNm. In addition, version 19.0 adds support for 64 ComM users.

Arctic Studio

The most prominent new feature of Arctic Studio 19.0 is the tool’s support for Linux GUI. This e.g. allows users to easily set up communication between ECUs using Classic AUTOSAR and Adaptive AUTOSAR.

Furthermore, the new Arctic Studio release offers improvements for its RTE generator, amongst many others by allowing for an expanded sub generation and by adding support for compumethods for both RTE generation and A2L parser/exporter.

Additional enhancements of Arctic Studio 19.0 are the upgrade of Artop and Artext to 4.7. Adaptive, some improvements within the AUTOSAR navigator and the BSW editor and much more.

To find out more about Arctic Core and Arctic Studio’s latest release 19.0, please refer to the Release Notes at MyARCCORE at https://www.arccore.com/my-arccore.

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