Release of development kit version 14.0.0 is now available!

ARCCORE has just released the new version 14.0.0 of their automotive software development kit, including the embedded platform, Arctic Core, and the configuration tool, Arctic Studio.

Big news in this release of Arctic Studio is, amongst other new features, a new visualization view. Called the “Composition Visualization View”, the new functionality to the tool enables a new view where the user can see the AUTOSAR compositions in the application design (see pictures below for reference). Other examples of improvements in Arctic Studio is the AUTOSAR RTE now generates memory mapping sections and has improved validation and the Command Line Interface supporting SWC contract generation. Arctic Studio performance has also been improved.

Major updates to ARCCORE’s embedded platform, Arctic Core, are in this release the added support for several new MCAL: TMS570LS1114, MPC5746C and MPC5748G. Other new features and improvements are: better handling of large UDP packages, support for applications to send response before jumping to bootloader, and more.

For more detailed information about release 14.0.0, please refer to the Release Notes in the customer portal, MyARCCORE.

Arctic Studio and Arctic Core 14.0.0 are now available for download for logged in users www.arccore.com/my-arccore. For more information on ARCCORE and their AUTOSAR products please visit www.arccore.com.

Arctic Studio Composition Visualization View

Arctic Studio Composition Visualization View

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