Release 10.0.0 of ARCCORE's software development kit and embedded AUTOSAR platform is out!

Today we released version 10.0.0 of our software development kit, Arctic Studio, and our embedded AUTOSAR platform, Arctic Core. Both are now available for download on our servers for logged in users (go here to registrate for trial access).

Some of the changes in Arctic Core include the following (see the release notes in the customer area for a full specification of the changes):

  • Support for new MCAL Jacinto 5: MCU, PORT, DIO, CAN, GPT, SPI, PWM, ETH.
  • Support for new MCAL Jacinto 6: MCU, PORT, DIO, CAN, GPT, SPI, PWM, ETH.
  • Support for AUTOSAR flash driver on STM32
  • New DLT module is now available
  • Added support for CDD interaction with SoAd module

Changes in Arctic Studio include:

  • RTE Generator improvements (support for PR ports, queued mode switches, queued communication between SWC and COM etc)
  • BSW Editor improvements (better handling of stylesheets, more user-friendly button layout, keyboard shortcut for generating BSW modules, etc)
  • RTE Editor improvements
  • Importer improvements:
    • COM signals are mapped to IPduMapping when importing a dbc file
    • Added importer for SoAd to ECU Extract Importer
  • Many Autosar Navigator enhancements:
    • It is now possible to change the root element in Autosar Navigator using "Go Into" in the menu
    • The Navigator Context can now show the selected element and its path
    • Now possible to "CTRL + click" an object in the context view to quickly show it in the Navigator

The Release Notes can be found in the closed Documentation area or in the Customer Portal, MyARCCORE

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