Now available: Release 18.0.0 for Arctic Core & Arctic Studio

Check out the new release for ARCCORE’s embedded platform Arctic Core and development tool Arctic Studio! Version 18.0.0 of our comprehensive automotive software development kit adds some user-friendly features, which simplify your daily development routine. The latest release of Arctic Core & Arctic Studio comes with a new and simplified Flexera-based license management, a handy Fibex Converter, an improved CLI and much more.

New License Management
Handling licenses can be quite time consuming. Arctic Studio 18.0.0 fully integrates a new license management solution based on Flexera – making it much easier to check in and check out licenses. However, the old license manager will continue to exist and can still be used for another six months. Users will gradually be moved to the improved license management system.

Fibex Converter
Fibex is a format defined by ASAM which is used to describe message oriented communication systems. Having a common exchange format between tools can be extremely helpful – but AUTOSAR is not yet fully harmonized with Fibex format. As of now, the new Fibex converter in release 18.0.0 allows you to export AUTOSAR-defined communication matrix for Ethernet into a Fibex file that can be used by other tools, e.g. network analyzer.

Improved Command Line Interface
The CLI is used for continuous integration and deployment – and the latest release makes it easier to use than ever. Amongst others, you will need fewer arguments to the CLI and the CLI will automatically create the needed structures e.g. the workspace.

Furthermore, release 18.0.0 of Arctic Core & Arctic Studio provides
  • an ICU, which supports NXP’s MPC5748G for capturing input signals
  • an improved performance for TCP/IP by updating LwIP to the latest version.

Please review the Release notes at MyARCCORE for all details on the latest release 18.0.0 of Arctic Core & Arctic Studio.

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