New release! ARCCORE Development Suite 9.0.0 is available

We are pleased to announce that release 9.0.0 is now available for download in our customer area! The full list of new and fixed features can be found in the Release Notes in our Customer Portal (check the links at the bottom of the page).

New and fixed features for Arctic Core include:

  • DMA channel initialization customer adapation for Power PC
  • Improved validation of ADC configuration
  • Added RH850 modules: Wdg, ADC and OS
  • New TMS570 features:
    • CAN Hardware filtering
    • FIQ interrupts
    • ADC streaming modes
    • Support added for TMS570LC43
  • Dcm: Support added for ODB Service $06: Service request for on-board monitoring test results for monitored system
  • Support added for MAC algorithm in modules Cpl and Cal
  • Support added for J1939Tp module

Changes in Arctic Studio for this release include:

  • Many improvements in the Studio IDE:
    • New Studio IDE version 6.0.0
    • New CoreBuilder for ARM with new version of newlib
    • New CoreBuilder for RH850
    • Built-in Studio Documentation
    • New wizard for creating ECU projects
  • RTE Generator and Editor improvements
  • BSW Editor improvements
  • ECU Extract Importer has been reworked to better follow Autosar mapping rules, is more robust and has better performance
  • Validation in Autosar Navigator

The Release Notes can be found in the closed Documentation area or in the Customer Portal, MyArcCore

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