It's here! Release 17.0.0 Arctic Studio and Arctic Core

Time to get the new release 17.0.0 of ARCCORE’s development suite with the embedded AUTOSAR platform, Arctic Core, and the AUTOSAR desktop configuration tool, Arctic Studio! The latest version comes with new features and a bunch of improvements to speed up development. 

New on Arctic Studio

The latest version of Arctic Studio offers new features, like experimental support for allowing users to run a bean validator for the ARCCORE safety platform. The EcuExtract importer now informs developers if the importer attempts to modify a postbuildvalue. Finally, Arctic Studio’s RTE generator now supports queued sender-receiver communication with COM.

On top, ARCCORE has implemented some improvements in terms of speed, RTE generation and others:

  • BSW modules are now generated and validated concurrently based on the number of available logical cores. RTE generation now displays information during generation. The generation time has is decreased up to 30%.
  • Checking and un-checking modules in the change overview of the Extract Importer is now much faster due to only refreshing relevant parts of the tree.
  • The RTE generator now conforms to SWS_Rte_06513 and SWS_rte_03854 for variationPointProxies.
  • Read and write signals on a port are now sorted based on name when generated.
  • Generated c-functions no longer return a const variable directly.
  • The PduR importer’s ArcPduRMaxRouteCount now displays the total number of PdRRoutingPaths.
  • COM periodicity or order of CAN frames are now stable and can be controlled based on Ids.

To prevent errors and clear up confusion, Arctic Studio now provides a warning if a user attempts to export objects originating from Core.

New on Arctic Core

The latest version of Arctic Core features a bunch of improvements, e.g.:

  • The TCP/IP stack has been upgraded to use LWIP 2.0.0 (from 1.5)
  • Improvements in OS, EcuM, and Watchdog to comply to AUTOSAR 4.3
  • The NXP S32K MCAL has been integrated and the compliance has been verified. Contact helpdesk to gain access to examples (the MCAL must be acquired from NXP directly)
  • The transmit order of PDUs are now sorted according to ComHandleId to achieve less periodicity jitter. This the ComHandleId id can either be added manually or automatically configured based on CanId when using the importer.

A full list of all new features and improvements can be found in the release notes located in the ARCCORE Customer Portal - MyARCCORE.

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