ARCCORE releases version 12.0 of embedded AUTOSAR platform and configuration tools

ARCCORE today announced the release of their latest development suite - the embedded AUTOSAR platform, Arctic Core, and the AUTOSAR desktop configuration tool, Arctic Studio. This version includes many improvements to existing features, as well as new functionality.

Some new Key features in Arctic Core 12.0 are:

  • The Basic Software Module Synchronized Time Base Manager (STBM) offers time synchronization over Ethernet (EthTSync)
  • The E2E protection wrapper is according to AUTOSAR 4.2.2, which includes profiles 4, 5 and 6 and, amongst other, allows for backward compatibility with AUTOSAR 4.0.3
  • Offering 4.2.2 CRC library - also allowing for backward compatibility with AUTOSAR 4.0.3
  • Other Arctic Core enhancements are extensions in functionality to modules: BSWM, COM, DEM, and FrNM

Arctic Studio 12.0.0 includes many improvements in the RTE generator such as refined Client-Server calls, optimized generator messages, and an improved ARText to arxml export.

New features in Arctic Studio includes:

  • A new ODX importer, allowing for the import of diagnostic data to the Diagnostics Event Manager (Dem) and Diagnostics Communication Manager (Dcm).
  • Extension of the ECU Extract Importer to handle Lin and LinIF modules, resulting in a reducing configuration time for these modules.

Please find more details in the Release Notes which can be reached from the ARCCORE Customer Portal - MyARCCORE.

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