Technical Associates

Our Technical Associates bring profound experience of ARCCORE products, automotive expert knowledge and significant AUTOSAR experience. The ARCCORE Technical Associates offer services on two levels – Expert and Integrator.

Our Experts have all the experience and knowledge necessary to offer a complete range of services to our customers including adding features to ARCCORE products like complex device drivers to our embedded platform and customized plug-ins to our tools. The Expert level also means that they can do on-site training of ARCCORE products and act as an Integrator.

Our current Technical Associates at Expert level are iSoft Infrastucture Software Co. Ltd (China), EasyCore (Germany) and QRTECH (Sweden).

Our Integrators have profound experience in our products and AUTOSAR to act as system integrators in our customers’ projects. The AUTOSAR standard brings, among other things, flexibility and re-usability and to benefit fully from all its advantages a system integrator can provide invaluable assistance in progressing your first AUTOSAR projects.