One of the fundamentals in the business model of ARCCORE is work with many partners in different areas all of the world. We therefore spend a significant amount of time and energy to support and engage our partners in ARCCORE Partner Program – ARCCONNECT.

Our Technology Partners offer products, standards and communities that – integrated with ARCCORE product porfolio – make embedded development even easier, faster and more cost-effective. Together with our Technology Partners we provide integrated solutions optimized for our customers needs.

Our Technical Associates brings profound experience of ArcCore products, automotive expert knowledge and significant AUTOSAR experience. They act as ARCCORE local associates and helps our customers to fully benefits from ARCCORE products and the AUTOSAR standard. Technical Associates partnership are offered on two levels – Experts and Integrators. Experts have a full knowledge of ARCCORE products, the AUTOSAR standard and automotive solutions and can provide services in a wide range – from platform and tools development, through training to system integration. Integrators are experienced system integrators and have a profound knowledge of how to fully benefit from the AUTOSAR standard when integrating automotive component into a solution.

If you are interested to take part in ARCCONNECT program – either if you are a product vendor or a service provider – send us a short summary of how your offerings can be beneficial to ARCCORE users and customers. Refer to our contact page for contact details.