Although ARCCORE dates back only to 2006, its management and product development teams have extensive experience and considerable depth of knowledge of embedded safety critical solutions for the automotive market.

2006 – the 3core companies were founded to provide embedded product development to the Automotive, Telecom and Industrial markets. Even in that first year a number of development contracts were signed. One of them a two year, state-of-the-art research project from a major group of companies in the Swedish forestry industry.

2007 – the 3core group decides to invest in its own portfolio of embedded products and starts a product development programme for platform and tools products to the automotive market. The initial versions of the products are used in a first development project together with a large Swedish Tier1.

2008 – More resources are assigned to the 3core product development programme and a second platform project is started with a new EV company. The new versions of the embedded platform are used in a handful of automotive oriented projects together with Swedish Tier1s. A new innovative Swedish forest machine is presented based on technology and know-how from the 3core group.

2009 – the 3core group allocates even more resources to its embedded product development programme and decides to launch the new products in an open source manner. The 3core group is appointed as an Associate Member of the AUTOSAR partnership. In the morning of Sept 9th – 090909 – the new community is started and the first versions of the tools and the embedded platform are launched. Nearly 100 downloads are registered on the first day. ARCCORE is born.

2010 – ARCCORE sees the community grow very fast and the number of downloads of the ARCCORE AUTOSAR platform exceeds all expectations. A major Asian software Tier1 decides to acquire ARCCORE products and ARCCORE signs its first major product contract. The product development programme also extends to include most of the AUTOSAR 3.1 modules and a complete set of development tools for AUTOSAR ECU development. More than 10 different development projects are started among ARCCORE customers, supported by the ARCCORE TechTeam.

2011 – the 3core group focuses all its resources on the ARCCORE product development programmes and to support the quickly expanding number of ARCCORE customers. By the end of 2011, ARCCORE has customers in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Taiwan and China and the first products based on ARCCORE products are set in serial production. ARCCORE decides to add a development programme for the AUTOSAR4.0 standard and a first version of the ARCCORE AUTOSAR 4.0 products are launched for early users.

2012 – ARCCORE selected Fouriertransform AB – a Swedish state-owned venture capital company – to be the investment partner for an extensive global expansion plan. By the end of 2012, ARCCORE has more than 40 customers in Europe and Asia. The AUTOSAR 4.x development program resulted in a first design win from a major European Tier1 planning for serial production.

2013 – ARCCORE quickly expands its base of customers and in the end of the year have more than 60 customers world-wide. New design wins in China, Japan, India, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Spain. Launch of Autosar 4.x product portfolio generates quickly new customers. More than 5 customers starts production. Selected as Software Integration Partner by European OEM and Advanced Engineering Partner by other European OEM. Expanding with senior sales resources located in Germany.

2014 – expansion is accelerated with more than xx new customers all over the world. ARCCORE continues to win design wins in Europe and Asia. Establishing a new office in Munich, Germany, ARCCORE now has a solid presence in Central Europe with AUTOSAR experts and a senior sales department.