Board of Directors

Mr Thomas Pantzar, Chairman of the Board

Born 1962, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Principal work experience: Management and development of fast-growing companies, building international operations. Executive Vice President for Teleca, CEO and head of Technical IT of Sigma Systems and founder of Acorn Technology.

Mr Pierre Lecoq,

Born 1946, M.Sc. Ecole Centrale de Paris

Principal work experience: Various management positions in the field of Product Development of Commercial Vehicles, within the Renault and Volvo groups: Executive VP Product Development, Mack Trucks, Executive VP Product Development, Renault VI Group, Senior VP Global Product Development, Volvo Powertrain.

Mr Mikael Johnsson, Fouriertransform AB

Born 1980, M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Other board member assignments : LeanNova AB, Smart Eye AB, CeDe Group AB, Pelly Industri AB, Jobro Sheet Metal Technology AB, APR Automation AB

Principal work experience: Employed by the strategic consultancy Arthur D. Little 2006-2012, primarily working with commercial consulting for venture capital investments and running strategic projects within manufacturing industry.

Dr Thomas Scharnhorst

Born 1948, Dr. Engineering, Technical University of Berlin.

Principal work experience: Long and proven experience in the automotive industry and AUTOSAR community. Former spokesperson for AUTOSAR between 2004 to 2006. CEO of Carmeq between 2005 to 2007 and currently working with management and technology consulting.

Mrs Fredrika Hörlin

Born 1965, Master of Laws, University of Lund

Other board member assignments: Chairman of Antura, member in: Helge Nyberg, Qleeno.

Principal work experience: Extensive experience working with fast-growing companies. 20 years experience in business law, co-owner of the law firm Wåhlin.

Mr Michael Svenstam, 3Core AB

Born 1960, M.Sc.Electrical Engineering, Lund

Other board member assignment: Inceptive Göteborg AB

Principal work experience: Various positions in the software industry as Director and Program Manager in Ericsson, Electrolux and Enea and Vice President, President and Chairman in fast-growing entrepreneurial companies.

Mr Johan Ekberg, 3Core AB

Born 1972, M.Sc Computer Science, Linköping

Principal work experience: Working in embedded industry since 1995 with software development, project management and team leadership. Have long experience in creating new companies working with product management and business development.