Being one of the vendors providing AUTOSAR products to the automotive market, we bring a new way of developing and offering quality AUTOSAR products and services to the automotive market. It can easily be described in three words: Standards, Open and Innovative.

ARCCORE AB was founded in 2009 launching a set of products initially developed by the 3Core group of companies. Since 2012, 3Core AB and Fouriertransform AB – a Swedish state-owned venture capital company – are the two owners of ARCCORE AB


First of all – we believe in standards, especially open standards, and we strongly dislike proprietary solutions.Therefore we always base our work on open standards whenever available. AUTOSAR is one.

Benefitting from a standard also means that you must contribute to the development of the standard. Therefore we allocate resources to continuously work in AUTOSAR work groups and contribute to the Artop initiative. Collaboration is the key.


As important as standards are to us, the word ‘open’ is one of our corner-stone.

By providing our AUTOSAR embedded platform under ‘Open Source’ license we promote the use of an open standard. Tens of thousands of downloads all over the world clearly shows that our promotion is highly appreciated. And needed. It has helped numerous of projects and automotive engineers to quickly evaluate AUTOSAR for a new project and to quickly gain real hands-on experience from AUTOSAR as a platform. Adding our free Eclipse-based IDE – being the foundation of our AUTOSAR development tool, and bundled with integrated compilers and pre-installed build environments – and our users can start evaluating AUTOSAR in less than 30 minutes. The future is already here.


As many successful Open Source projects we use a dual licensing model for Arctic Core – the best of two worlds:

  • an Open Source licensing model – supporting the modern way or working together and quickly sharing experience over the world,
  • a commercial licensing model – protecting applications compiled together with the platform, ensuring legal requirements and ARCCORE commitment.

The benefits are easy to line out. First of all, by providing the Open Source licensing model we have made it possible for many users and customers to quickly get started with their automotive engineering projects. More users will mean more usage of our products and ensure an even higher quality. This is true to all successful Open Source projects and definitely to ours!

The Open Source community also brings us an understanding of what is needed going forward. Together with clear customer requirements, this helps us prioritize in our development programs.