SWC Builder

SWC Builder is a powerful tool for creating AUTOSAR Software Components, Port Interfaces, Datatypes and much more. The SWC Builder helps you create new software components, import and modify existing software components and validate software components.


SWC Builder is a tool for creating and editing Autosar software components. The tool will help you in the process of creating Software components by constraining you to choices that makes sense. SWCs can also easily be created with a pre-defined kit, by creating a software component kit you get all objects needed to get started.

SWC Builder also comes with a feature for smart choices. For example, When configuring an operation invoked event, you can only refer to ports that is a provide port and is typed with a client server interface. This reduces the amount of choices and also the complexity of configuring an Autosar system.

Validation rules are also included in the tool. These rules will help you to identify missing objects and incorrect configurations. The validation view shows you which object generated the validation error and where the object is located. There are three validation classes: Error, Warning, Info.

SWC builder also comes with an advanced compare tool which can be used to compare different versions of arxml files. This can for example be used to compare revisions of an arxml stored in a version control systems integrated with Eclipse.

As all ArcCore products, the SWC Builder is based on the principle of openness. This means that the SWC Builder provides opportunities to add customer specific tools for streamlining the development process to the user’s needs. The use of AUTOSAR standard XML-format and extension points in Eclipse provides extensive possibilities for the users to integrate their own tools to the Arctic Studio and the SWC Builder.

The SWC Builder is provided as a professional plug-in to the Arctic Studio IDE and new versions of the SWC Builder are made available through the update service provided by ArcCore.