Arctic Studio

Arctic Studio offers an advanced IDE (Integrated Development Environment) including everything you need to develope C appplications and a build environment based on msys. The Arctic Studio is based on the industry standard Eclipse which add significant values as many other development tools - as compilers, debuggers source code managment system etc - integrates automatically in the Arctic Studio environment.


Here you can download Arctic Studio for windows (Windows 7 and Windows Vista). Make sure that you download the right version. Install by unzipping the file into a directory (no spaces in the full path). See this page for complete installation instructions.

Arctic Studio 1.4

You can download Arctic Studio 1.4 here, If you just want to have the IDE and select which GCC compiler to use at a later stage or are using a commercial compiler you should select to download Arctic Studio only.

If you want a bundled set including IDE and the compiler GCC for a specific microcontroller architecture you should select one of the following:

If you are using ARCCORE commercial plugins, you should use the following update site:

Arctic Studio 1.3

If you are using ARCCORE commercial plugins included in tools release 1.6 or older (from update site or older) you should download Arctic Studio 1.3 here

After you have installed Arctic Studio – get a flying start by consulting the Arctic Core quick-start tutorial.