Arctic Core – the embedded platform

The Arctic Core embedded platform includes a complete set of features needed when building an Electronic Control Unit for the automotive market. The Arctic Core embedded platform is based on the open industry standard Autosar and is provided in source code for full flexibility and transparancy

Standard Package

The Arctic Core Standard Package gives you everything you need to build your communication and control software platform for your Automotive Electronic Control Unit. It is based on the renowned industry standard Autosar version 4.x and enables you to gain all the benefits from an open standard promoted by the whole automotive industry

MCAL Package

The Arctic Core MCAL Package provides a complete set of software components that enable access to the micro-controller peripherals of the Automotive Electronic Control Unit – such as the communication ports and the control ports for input/output. The MCAL Package is made available for several different micro-controllers commonly used in the automotive market

Arctic Core for Autosar v3.1

Arctic Core for Autosar 3.1 contains a complete embedded software platform based on the earlier version 3.1 of the global automotive standard AUTOSAR.