The Devon Service Release 1 is here


Today ArcCore releases a first service release of Devon, including Arctic Core 2.14.2 – the open source automotive embedded platform based on AUTOSAR – and BSW Builder 2.14.2, RTE Builder 2.2.1, SWC Builder 1.9.1 and Extract Builder 1.7.0 – the innovative embedded development tools chain tailored for efficient development of AUTOSAR-based ECU solutions.

Changes in Arctic Core 2.14.2 include support (mcal) for Freescale MPC5634M and a number of enhancements in diagnostics. BSW Builder 2.14.2 includes support for the new mcal and all tools include a number of general improvements and enhancements.

Have a look at the release notes for more information about the improvements in Devon Service Release 1..

Get the latest Arctic Studio plugins release from the update site for the tools: For an earlier version of the Arctic Studio plugins, refer to the links at the release notes.

Based on the large Open Source community of more than 28.000 downloads and the rapidly increasing number of customers that understand and acknowledge the modern business model of dual licensing – offering both an easy-to-get and easy-to-use Open Source distribution and a commercial product for commercial projects –  ARCCORE continues to quickly expand its business in the automotive market.